Goodbye Gilda. We love you.

As we have announced, Gilda Stubben has retired as the church’s Music Director and moved back home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to be near her sister Janet and her family. Gilda has played such a key role in our community and our church for so many years it goes without saying that she will be greatly missed.
With 2020 being such a trying year, and the many emotions that came with it, Gilda’s retirement and move came very suddenly, but at a perfect time for her. As we express our deep appreciation to her for her service to God through the First United Methodist Church of Atmore, including the Cunning Bells, Blue Lake, and more, and all her years of teaching music to many of us through the Escambia County School system, and the list of accomplishments goes on, we want to honor Gilda for her special gifts and let her know how much she means to each of us.
Although we want to honor her in person and show her how very much she means to us, Covid-19 has restricted our ability to express our appreciation in so many of the normal and expected ways. So, we have opted to share with each of you her forwarding address in hopes that you will be able to reach out to Gilda and individually share personal memories, appreciation, and words of love that you want to share with her.
We will miss Gilda and her wonderful gifts. We encourage each of you that feel led, to please take a moment and honor our friend. Please find her forwarding address below:
Janet Schmidt
280 Evergreen Drive
Demopolis, AL 36732

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